Breaking: ‘I Wanted to Buy a Personal Car:’ School Director Arrested for Stealing Exam Money

School Director Defrauds Students, Steals Exam Registration Money

…in custody over fraud

By: Happy Arnold Soko


Limbani Kandaya, the 33-year-old director at Unique Private Primary School in Blantyre has been arrested on fraud charges after he allegedly swindled examination registration money for students who were expected to sit for Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination (PSLCE).

The Malawi Star has established that the incident occurred when the school director pocketed the money paid by students of the private school for Malawi National Examination Board (MANEB) identification cards and examination fees for this year’s exams and never registered the pupils.

The crime was discovered on May 11, 2016 when 38 pupils were shocked to see that they could not sit for this year’s secondary school entrance examination, despite providing complete requirements in monetary form.

It is reported that each pupil paid the sum of MK5, 700 for both the examination fee and ID’s but the registration was not done with the MANEB. The failure to register the children was discovered only a day before the examination’s commencement, when students started to question the venue for the examination and the silence of teachers on the sitting plan arrangements.

Kandaya is accused of pocketing over MK 200,000

The Malawi Star caught up with one of the affected parents at Nyambadwe Police Unit who further said that the director even embezzled money meant for the Synod Examination Fee.

She described the director as a predator of the future of innocent children, a situation that was difficult to think about.

“Our children are desperate; the director did not fulfill his obligations. He has let our children down by using the money for his personal gains rather than its intended purpose. We will not let him go free,” said Fanny Robben Kasiya.

When questioned as to why the money was not paid to MANEB and what happened to the missing money, Mr. Kandaya’s reply was, “I wanted to buy a personal car.”

Simeon Magaga, MANEB Spokesperson said he had no comment yet, as he had not been briefed on the matter.

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