EXCLUSIVE: Teachers Cry Foul; Missing from Payroll

By Thula Chisamba

Just a few days after the Teachers Union of Malawi cancelled their intended strike, The Malawi Star has confirmed that more than 30 teachers in the northern education division are missing from the payroll.

Investigations conducted by this publication have unveiled that these teachers have not been receiving their monthly salaries for the past two months.

A teacher who confirmed the development in Mzimba on Tuesday told our reporter that despite forwarding complaints, nothing tangible has transpired from education authorities.

“We sent our complaints through the district education manager’s office but until today nothing tangible has come from his office. Nevertheless, it’s now two months without getting my pay,” he said pleading for anonymity.

The situation has resulted in many teachers absconding duties in this education division.  Some who were assigned to teach in remote areas have stopped reporting to work due to lack of funding for their payroll.

On his part, Mzimba District Education Manager, Lemani Mvula, confirmed the issue to this publication on Friday.

“The problem is that some of these teachers didn’t submit much information to the ministry thus the problem. However, we are working towards sorting that out,” said Mvula.

He then urged all complainants to aid their respective District Education Managers with relevant information that may assist in rectifying the problem.

When questioned about submitting information, one teacher responded, “What information is missing?  We have been working for months with no pay and just now they tell us they are missing information?  Maybe they are missing money and can’t pay us, but they aren’t missing information!”

Calls to Minister of Education, Emmanuel Fabiano were not immediately returned.

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