Dead Bodies Rotting at Mzimba Hospital

The problem is ascribed to the malfunctioning of a fridge in the hospital mortuary.

Investigations conducted by The Malawi Star at the facility show that the said fridge stopped working about five years ago, yet authorities have hesitated to rectify the problem.

It has also been observed that the facility is failing to store corpses, for fear that they may decompose untimely. The deceased kinsmen have to arrange the burial ceremonies immediately.

Publicist for the facility, Healings Nyirenda, who confirmed the development, claimed that government has already promised to rectify the problem soon.

Likewise, the Minister of Health, Peter Kumpalume, said Government is already aware of the problem and efforts are in place to rectify the problem.

”Government is working towards sorting that out soon including other related problems. People must bear with us for delaying to act quickly on the issue,” he said.

On the other hand, Kumpalume urged stakeholders in the country to be helping government in sorting out such challenges in time.

A related problem has affected mortuary services at Rumphi district, where authorities have confirmed that the hospital morgue fridge has problems with its compressor.

Locals and health authorities are sharing the same concerns as the people of Mzimba.

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