Another suicide in Malawi; cheating wife blamed in final words

By Thula Chisamba

In the third paragraph of his suicide note, 25 year-old Bob Chirwa explained that he decided to end his life as one way of telling the world that he truly loved his cheating wife.

Chirwa wrote that despite several attempts to stop his wife from cheating on him, efforts proved futile thus the last remedy was to hang himself and escape the betraying love of this 21st century.

His elder brother Hezekiah Chirwa described Bob’s attitude as shocking and barbaric, citing there are just so many desperate serious women he could have picked.

“He has confused our family so much because he was the youngest. We had many plans to help him shape his future but taking his life because of a woman has brought shame to our family,” he said.

Bob was found dangling in Mabiri bush in Mzimba on Friday, and his body was rushed to Mzimba hospital for postmortem-results which showed that he succumbed to strangulation.

Before publishing this article, the woman at the center of the tragedy was still at large for fear of being assaulted by Bob’s kinsmen.

Mzimba Police officer in charge, commissioner Louse Chigadula, described the tragedy as uncalled for, citing Bob would have asked for councelling at the victims support unit available in the district.

“Suicide is not a good solution that is why as Malawi Police Service, we provide councelling to victims of various forms of abuse at our victim support unit,” he said.

Bob’s suicide comes just days after Upile’s who committed suicide in Mzuzu on Thursday,  after his aunt denied to give him pocket money.

Bob hailed from Luhomero village in Mzimba district.

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  1. How can you continue loving a cheating wife/girlfreind?
    How sweeter is she? Is it because you were blinded with LOVE or CHILA WA KHOSWE. There is more to life than woman. Juckup men
    Ask me I’ve personally passed through this and I overcame.

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