FAM to release Chande verdict this week

FAM to release Chande verdict this week

The contractual dispute between Jafali Chande and Big Bullets FC will come to an end this week following revelations that Football Association of Malawi (FAM) is set to release the verdict on the matter before Wednesday.

On Sunday, allegations circulated on social media suggesting that FAM had cleared the player to play for Mighty Wanderers, but FAM refuted the allegations saying the verdict will be passed out this week. However, the country’s soccer governing body was quick to reveal that the disciplinary committee met over the weekend where all parties involved were called to bring forth their evidence.

“The disciplinary committee had a meeting with the involved parties to hear both sides of the story. Both parties brought their evidence and the issue was completed. As FAM, we will be announcing the verdict this week. We are asking both parties to remain calm. The future of the player will be decided this week.”

“It’s not true that we have cleared the player to play for Mighty Wanderers. That’s not true. We haven’t communicated to the public and it’s the social media spreading these rumors. You will hear it from us and not the social media. The verdict will come from us,” they said.

Bullets are claiming that the player is still contracted to them till next year and have told Wanderers that if they want to sign Chande, they must follow proper channels. On the other part, the player says he is a free agent since his deal with the club expired in February this year.

The whole saga started when the former Epac FC Captain turned down an offer from Bullets to extend his stay at the club by agreeing to a deal in principle with cross-town rivals Wanderers who gave him a K3 million signing fee.

Bullets submitted a contract copy to FAM indicating that the player had a deal with the Super League champions till August next year, but Chande denied having such a long term contract with the club by submitting his own copy of a contract indicating that it expired in February this year.

However, things got worse when Blantyre Police apprehended two internet café operators on the allegations that they helped the player to forge a contract which he submitted to the association.

When he was summoned by the police some weeks ago, Chande denied the allegations saying he submitted an original copy of a contract to FAM which he signed in 2014 when he arrived from Epac FC.

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    • what is authentic truth of the outcome.by the way,do u knw what it means by the saying justice delayed is justice denied.do u knw a delay?the case was handed over to the disciplinary committee which by that time was resolving other relevant issues& i dont think that is a delay as cases have to go through proper procedures.who is being denied justice??? you?

  1. Much as the FAM is comprised of all #nyerere diehards,the Chande verdict won’t favour NBB side.At the same tym,the allegations that went viral on de social media yesterday is a true reflection of the long awaited verdict.It won’t differ!!!Let’s wait & c…

  2. These people at FAM have failed us. They are biased & they dont know what to do. Please let the player play for a team of his choice. FAM still runs footballl as a personal entity why? The player has a right to freedom, release him.’

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