Centre for Human Rights to Safeguard Prostitutes

By Thula Chisamba

Prostitution a legal business in Malawi
Prostitution: a legal business in Malawi

The Centre for Human Rights, Education and Advise Assistance (CHREAA), has expressed interest in safeguarding the rights of prostitutes in the country.

Speaking in an interview on Sunday, CHREAA executive director, Victor Mhango, maintained that his organization is ready to prosecute everyone violating the rights of prostitutes in Malawi.

“Policemen are the most officials who use their profession to rape these prostitutes but what they forget is that prostitution is not a crime according to our constitution, thus it is unfair to [violate] the rights of prostitutes in the country,” said Mhango.

He indicated that there are a number of pending criminal rape cases against police officers who have abused prostitutes.

“It is easy to trace police officers suspected of raping prostitutes, because we have involved senior police authorities who feed us with information leading to identification of these rapists,” he added.

Of late, there has been controversy as to whether prostitutes have human rights or otherwise.

While some view prostitution as immoral, others including CHREAA view it as a profession that brings food on the table of whores.

“Much as prostitution is viewed as a breeding profession for HIV/Aids, we usually believe that some take it as business through which they support themselves,” said Mhango.

Some citizens have expressed the view that CHREAA is advocating for the promotion of prostitution through defending the rights of prostitutes.

“Get is straight, CHREAA is among non-governmental organizations which fights for the rights of some special groups, including prisoners, women and children in the country,” countered Mhango.

Esther Banda, a prostitute at Wills Pub in Mzuzu commended CHREAA for instituting the initiative, citing she expects people to view her work with dignity now.

Rose Msimuko echoed the praise with warnings to would be violators of her rights, stating that she would be using CHREAA as an instrument of championing her human rights.

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