APM Blasted over His Rudeness to PAC


By: Thula Chisamba

Comments continue on discussions the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) held with the country’s President Peter Mutharika.

APM: Disrespectful -Commentators and Political Representatives
APM: Disrespectful -Commentators and Political Representatives

The latest accusations are coming from political commentators and opposition political parties’ representatives, blasting Mutharika for portraying a disrespectful attitude in his response to the demands and suggestions presented to him by PAC.

Mzuzu based social and Political commentator, Emily Mkamanga, said Mutharika would have utilized on PAC’s observations to rectify the issues marring his administration, than just acting rudely.

“I think he is the most fortunate president, because PAC addressed him on some of the problems the country is facing during his administration.

If I were Mutharika, I would have commended PAC for telling me the truth on the ground,” she said.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) spokesperson, Jessie Kabwila, echoed the sentiments, citing Mutharika would have accepted the true picture on the ground as presented to him by PAC.

“Those men of God acted courageously by telling him that Malawians are suffering out there owing to his administration’s failure to address the issues. How I wish Mutharika would at acknowledged the truth and took responsibility as a leader,” she said.

Last Thursday PAC had an audience with Mutharika at Sanjika Palace, where many observations were discussed between the two parties.

However, Mutharika was on the defensive of his government and not entirely conceding to most observations that exposed his maladministration.

In line with this background, some Malawians have branded the event as a waste of time because nothing tangible has transpired out of the meeting.

Kabwila: APM Should take Responsibility
Kabwila: APM Should take Responsibility

Former ruling, People’s Party, Publicity Secretary, Kenneth Msonda, blasted PAC for not representing real Malawians, citing they needed to command and not negotiate with Mutharika.

“Thus as People’s Party, we are not surprised with the unimpressive outcome of their conference.


Malawians need a leader who is not so high-minded to disregard every suggestion made to him because as a leader, He should be able to take full responsibility as a leader,” said Msonda.

On Friday, this publication published an article which highlighted how Mutharika refused PAC’s request to have his presidential powers trimmed.

2 Comments on APM Blasted over His Rudeness to PAC

  1. He’s a human being with natural think. How would xpect him to bow down to every decision? Yes he promised to reduce powers but no time limit, hope within 5yrs. So dont use manfesto as guide line for high yields to a particular crop. alot pac can do to develpment but powers?

  2. I followed the live proceedings on TV, I never saw any denial or defensiveness from the President. All I saw was the weakness and failure by PAC officials to clearly articulate issues.
    The president was very accommodative. Politics aside PAC was a disgrace.
    For example, the president asked them to give examples that would testify that DPP gvt is prioritizing the south in development, they miserably failed!!!

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