Two People Killed in Separate Incidents in NB

By: Thula Chisamba

A gloomy  atmosphere descended upon the residents of Chima village, T/A, Kabunduli, in Nkhata bay district on Tuesday, when a 29-year-old, Jasten Chauwa, was hacked to death on suspicions that he was having an affair with another man’s ex-wife.

Two Killed in Separate Incidents
Two Killed in Separate Incidents

Information gathered by this publication indicates that the deceased was having an affair with the ex-wife of a 40-year-old, Nthowa Chirwa, who divorced the woman some years ago.

“But after Nthowa heard that his ex-wife was engaged in an affair with another man, he followed and hacked the said man (Mr. Chauwa) because of jealousy,” said the source.

Police publicist for the district, sergeant, Ignatius Esau, confirmed the tragedy to The Malawi Star on Tuesday.

According to Esau, a manhunt has already been launched on the suspected murderer.

“We are very sure that he will be apprehended soon to answer murder charges,” he said.

Postmortem results conducted on the deceased established that he died due to severe loss of blood.

However, the woman at the centre of the controversy could not be reached for her side of the story on the tragedy.

The deceased man hailed from Sangano village, T/A, Kuntaja, in Blantyre.

In a separate incident, Police has also launched another manhunt on three brothers, who are suspected to have killed a 34-year-old Christopher Phiri.

Police Publicist for the district, Sergeant, Ignatius Esau who confirmed the development to The Malawi Star said the three brothers followed Phiri to Kaphwiyu trading centre, where the deceased was drinking alcohol and they beat him to death,” said Esau.

The family trio includes a 26-year-old, Laston Mhone, 19-year-old, Zondani Mhone and an 18-year-old Tambulani Mhone.

They all hail from Chidumayo village, T/A, Kabunduli, in Nkhata bay district.

Postmortem results by medics at Chitheka health center proved that the deceased died due to severe bleeding.

He hailed from Kapesa village, T/A, Kasumbu, in Dedza district.

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