Let’s Keep the Youth Busy – DC

By: Lackson Kanyoza

Chiradzulu district sports officer Patrick Mulinga has pleaded with stakeholders in the country to come up with various sporting activities to keep the youth busy.

Mulinga(in Red): Let's Keep the Youth Busy
Mulinga (in Red): Let’s Keep the Youth Busy

Mulinga said that sporting activities such as netball can be very significant in the fight against promiscuous behavior among the youth.

He made these remarks over the weekend at Chiradzulu community center ground during the presidential cup district finals. After the game, Mulinga noted that introducing various sporting activities among the youth will assist in preventing bad behavior as they will be spending most of their time occupied.

“Sporting activities like football are very important as youth have something to make them busy. This, apart from grooming and identifying future players, they are also prevented from harmful behavior which would have affected them personally and their career.

Chiradzulu Eagles Captain receiving the Award
Chiradzulu Eagles Captain receiving the Award

Coming and spending time here, the youth have to avoid bad behaviors like drug and substance abuse, prostitution and theft among other things which will ruin their future. It’s my plea to stakeholders and well wishers to come and introduce such activities from time to time,” Mulinga said.

He also said that his office is trying their best to involve people with disabilities to have access to these sporting activities.

“We have the Paralympics games like athletics, wheel chair races at Magomero so that people with disabilities are not sidelined.

We also conduct HIV testing with hospital authorities at every game so that everyone is accessing the services and we are pleased with the development,” he said.

During the match, Chiradzulu Police Eagles progressed to national finals after defeating Providence Industrial Mission FC by 3 goals to 2.

Chiradzulu Eagles pocketed K100, 000 for emerging winners while PIM got K50, 000 as runners up. Speaking after the match, Chiradzulu Eagles team manager Sergeant Paul Mose said he was delighted for being champions and has assured the fans that they will continue to work hard at national level.

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