Venezuelan Drug Dealer Arrested at Chileka Airport

By: Happy Arnold Soko

A 34-year-old Venezuelan man was arrested at Chileka airport on Monday after being found in possession of cocaine concealed inside a flask, Malawi airport officials have said.

Venezuellan Drug Dealer Nabbed
Venezuelan Drug Dealer Nabbed

The Airport officials became suspicious and went on to search the sealed flask despite the owner’s refusal. It was then that they discovered the illicit drugs concealed inside it.

The suspect Luz Marina Benitez Roselly holds a Venezuelan passport number 18559282.

He arrived at Chileka International airport on 18 April 2016 through Ethiopian Airlines from Addis Ababa at about 14:10 hours.

According to police, Benitez Roselly admitted carrying the drugs, which had been inserted into the flask during a hastily arranged operation.

The drugs have an estimated market value of €200,000 (£155,000)

“This is not the first case in which drugs have been smuggled into the country through this airport, but thanks to the vigilance of the Airport police, interceptions have been made.” said airport officials.

The suspect will be charged with drug trafficking and if convicted might face a prison sentence.


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