SA Journalist to Document Malawi

By: Thula Chisamba

A South African based investigative Journalist, Johan Botha, has come to Malawi on a mission to produce a documentary focusing on the miseries that Malawians are going through.

Inkosi Mpherembe: To assist Botha on His Quest
Inkosi Mpherembe: To assist Botha on His Quest

In an exclusive interview on Monday, Botha confirmed that his documentary will only focus on the people of Mzimba, who according to statistics show have flooded the rainbow nation.

“While in South Africa,  I observed that most Malawians, especially those from Mzimba, were suffering.

Some were homeless and hungry while others were dying on their way to the rainbow nation thus decided to come to Mzimba to establish the factors behind such emigration,” he said.

According to Botha, most Malawians he met in South Africa are from Mzimba and this has become the main focus for his investigative documentary on the district.

He said, much as Malawians from other districts like Nkhata bay, Mangochi and Lilongwe are also flooding his country but those from Mzimba gave him  some reasons why they decide to flock South for greener pastures.

“I want to know what is on the ground so that I can show the world the hidden reality. I heard that most Malawians are living in very pathetic conditions hence I want to capture that for the world to know the truth,” he added.

This publication understands that Botha has come in the company of some Malawians who have lived in South Africa half of their lives.

Jeremiah Nyirenda, South African based Malawian, is among the team and told our reporter that he thought it wise to aid Botha in exposing the miseries Malawians are sailing through.

“Not that we are aiding the humiliation of our country but what we want is to help this Journalist establish the real miseries that continue to push us into his country,” said Nyirenda.

Historically, Botha might not be the first or even the last one to have inspirations to document Malawi, because some have already done the same while others have other reasons for following suit.

The local chief,  Inkosi Mpherembe has since pledged to help Botha to complete his mission.

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