DPP Mzimba District Governor Joins PP

By: Thula Chisamba

Former Mzimba district governor, for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Edward Gondwe, has announced his defection to opposition People’s Party (PP), barely some weeks after dumping DPP.

PP: Gets a new a Member
PP: Gets a new a Member

Gondwe who resigned as DPP governor over some infighting told our reporter on Monday that he is optimistic that PP would sharpen his political career.

“I believe this party can help me achieve my dreams because there is peace and unity and not locking horns like it was the case in DPP,” he said.

However, some have trashed his decision on grounds that he has joined a declining party which has no clear future.

But according to Gondwe, DPP barbarism was worse than what he expects to experience in the People’s Party.

“In fact, before hatching this decision, I had to consult a lot of people who confidently urged me to join the party that dwells on Unity, Peace and Development,” he added.

Recently, this publication published an article which highlighted some of the reasons behind Gondwe’s resignation.

Findings indicated that former People’s Party member, Ackim Mwanza, who defected to the ruling DPP was threatening Gondwe to resign or risk being killed.

“I just resigned because dying for political reasons is something I won’t do. I have a family to look after.”

Nonetheless, the accused, Mwaza, brushed aside such allegations citing he had nothing to do with the position held by Gondwe.

“That’s not true because I haven’t even for once thought of such evil ideas. I expect Gondwe to tell the truth and not such lies,” Mwaza protested.

Days later, authorities at the DPP appointed John Nyirenda to replace Gondwe as the district governor.

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