Bakili Muluzi Case Adjourned to Next Month

…As Whiskey given a Three day rest

By: Chikondi Magalasi

The case involving Former President Bakili Muluzi, who is accused of misappropriating public funds alongside his then Personal Assistant Lyness Violet Whiskey, has been adjourned until next month.

Muluzi Leaving the Court Last Thursday
Muluzi Leaving the Court Last Thursday

On Tuesday, the High Court in Blantyre resumed the hearing as the defence presented a medical report from the hospital where Whiskey was taken after collapsing in Court on Monday morning.

Prosecution team through its Prosecutor, Ryneck Matemba, told the Court on Tuesday morning that results were available from the hospital where the Second accused was taken for medical attention.

“My Lord we wish to report that the Second accused was taken to Blantyre Adventist Hospital and was discharged yesterday, preliminary results from the Doctors are now available,” Said Matemba.

Defence Lawyer Tamanda Chokhotho revealed in his statement that Whiskey has been advised to have a three-day rest and will go for review at the hospital on Friday this week.

“I have with me the medical report from Blantyre Adventist Hospital which shows the diagnosis and to have a three-day bed rest as well as an appointment for a review on 22nd April 2016,” said Chokhotho.

The Presiding Judge Maclean Matemba asked the suggestion from the state on the way forward since the second accused is ill and cannot be present in the Court.

On behalf of the state, Matemba asked for a postponement of the proceedings with the second accused and continue with proceedings that relate to the first accused who is Muluzi in this case.

Matemba stated reasons for postponement as that during the investigations, they were investigating the two defendants concurrently, and as such they have to look into the evidence in their  possession as well as the strategies on how they are going to present it against the first accused.

Besides, the state further said that they feel that this cannot be completed in three days due to the amount of documents involved.

On their part, the Defence said it is unclear to proceed with the hearing of the first accused as the second accused has a right to be present and follow the proceedings and he asked the state to have a formal application on the matter.

In his ruling, the High Court Judge ruled that both defence and the state will have to report in the chamber for a hearing of the formal application on whether to continue with the first accused and then he adjourned the case to 3rd May.

“For the reasons stated by the State and the Defence, I adjourn the case to 3rd May 2016 but I set for 29th April 2016 for the hearing of formal applications in the chamber,” ruled the Judge.

The former Malawi Leader and Whiskey are accused of misappropriating money about MK1.7 billion during Muluzi’s tenure as the President of this Country.


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