Kaliati visits Mzuzu Flood Victims

By: Thula Chisamba

The newly appointed Minister of Information, Patricia Kaliati, has challenged flood victims in Mzuzu not to hide behind the natural disaster to cheat on their spouses.

Part of flooding in Mzuzu
Part of flooding in Mzuzu

She made the remarks on Saturday when she cheered up thousands of flood victims across Mzuzu city. She is among a few notable political figures in the country who have spared their time to extend their generosity to the displaced victims.

“I don’t expect you to be cheating on your spouses utilizing on the situation. Just be lovely and faithful to your loved ones,” she said.

According to her, most people utilize such tragedies, to start cheating on their spouses because they are living at a camp.

“I shouldn’t hear that some sexual relationships have emerged at this camp. It’s my belief most of you know that HIV and Aids can still spread among flood victims,” she added.

Kaliati reminded people of the need for husbands to take care of their wives. She made similar remarks when she was Minister of Gender during the International Day of Women when she urged husbands never to forget their role in marriage.

Kaliati: calls for love among victims
Kaliati: calls for love among victims

“Don’t spend much of your time on social networks, know that you have wives waiting for you in your homes,” she said.

Back to the main purpose of her tour to flood victims, Kaliati, donated assorted items to thousands of displaced families but urged well-wishers to follow suit.

Kaliati who is also director of women in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), told The Malawi Star in a separate interview, that it pleased her office to extend a helping hand to the suffering flood victims in Mzuzu.

“DPP thought it was important for me to come in and help these people as they are going through these challenging times.”

Nevertheless, this publication recently established that some victims were complaining that such donations have been politicized which is very unfortunate.

Earlier this week, a gang wanted to bruise the Deputy Mayor of Mzuzu City, Fraser Chunga, on allegations that he was favoring DPP sympathizers in sharing the donations.

“That must stop because, in times like these, it is unreasonable to prioritize politics than the welfare of these victims regardless of their political affiliations,” said Kaliati.

On his part, Chief Executive Officer for the city, Macloud Kadam’manja, applauded the donation.


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