APM Threatens To Fire Water Board Officials

By: Chikondi Magalasi

President Peter Mutharika, has threatened that Water board members might be fired if they do not use their expertise to supply water to farms.

APM: Water Boards to take their responsibility seriously
APM: Water Boards to take their responsibility seriously

Addressing the gathering at Mikute ground in Salima district on Friday afternoon when commissioning Salima Lakeshore Water Supply System, Mutharika urged various water governing bodies that instead of supplying water to people’s houses, they should also think of using this water for irrigation.

“We have water boards in this country that irrigate our bathrooms, irrigate our flowers but they cannot irrigate our farms. You can irrigate cities and hotels but you cannot irrigate farms that feed us,’’ said Mutharika.

The Malawi leader explained that he is wondering why all water boards such as Northern, Central and Southern region, among others are failing to supply water into farms yet they are able to take the water from our Lakes.

“Water boards can get water from the Lakes for drinking but not for irrigation, Why? What is the problem?’’ Asked Mutharika.

He therefore urged them to submit their irrigation plans to him that so that they should start supplying water for irrigation or else they might be shown the exit door.

“ I want you to supply water to farms where ever you can, Just like you supply to your houses, I must receive your plans by mid June this year, otherwise if you will not do that then you will be former board members,’’ uttered the President.

The first Citizen repeated that his government has placed much focus on irrigation in order for Malawi to have adequate food throughout the year whether there are rains or not.

Central Region Water board Chairperson, Richard Makondi, said the water system that the President was commissioning on Friday afternoon was hindered due to problem of finances.

Salima Lakeshore Water Supply system commenced in 2013 with funds about MK8.7 billion kwacha.

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