Two Nabbed for Exhuming Human Bones

By: Chikondi Magalasi

An 18-year-old boy and a Woman have been arrested in Machinga district for Trespassing and Tempering with a Graveyard contrary to section 129 of the penal code.

Exhumed Bones Believed to Bring Good Luck?
Exhumed Human Bones Believed to Bring Good Luck?

Police have identified the two as Fainosi Walusa,18, and an adult woman who is only known as Sime Daimani.

Confirming the arrest to The Malawi Star, Machinga Police Public Relations Officer Davie Sulumba, said the first Suspect originates from Mozambique and He is married at Mukhito Village.

He said his Wife was suspecting his movements after he returned home late one night and it was something that prompted her to summon him for questioning.

“On 7th April 2016, the first suspect returned home late, his wife was suspicious of his movement and she asked her husband who revealed that he went to Nyandule Graveyard with the other Suspect where they exhumed the grave,” said Sulumba.

The Spokesperson further said that the exhumed grave was of Mrs Chiuja Kenneth who died in 2006 after committing suicide by taking a poison.

Sulumba further told this publication that the Teenager revealed to his wife that Sime Daimani who is a sister to the deceased was the one who led them to the grave where the deceased was buried where they exhumed the grave and removed arm and leg bones of the deceased.

The Law enforcers’ Publicist disclosed that currently about three suspects are on the run and Police are doing everything possible to trace them.

“Both Suspects are in our Custody pending Court proceedings and three others are at large and we are looking for them in order to get them arrested too,” explained Sulumba.

Recently, cases of such kind have been rampant in this country but mostly such criminals exhume people with Albinism and they remove bones that are said to be used for rituals.

Fainosi Walusa hails from Mukhito Village, Traditional Authority Ngokwe and Sime Daimani comes from Nyaudule Village, Traditional Authourity Ngokwe, both in the district.


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