Man Rapes Step-Daughter Thousand Times in NB

By: Thula Chisamba

At the summit of another controversial sex scandal, a 15-year-old girl has sued her 42-year-old stepfather, who she claim, has been raping her since 2013.

Cases of defilement on the rise
Cases of defilement on the rise

In an interview with this publication on Wednesday, the girl, emphasized that she lost her virginity in 2013, when her step-father raped her twice in a bush near Bandawe in Nkhata bay district.

“That time he came to take me from my aunt at Bandawe to Mcholoma, where he was living with my mother.

While on our way, he began touching my breasts and later raped me in a bush around Bandawe area,” said the girl.

After they reached Mcholoma, she narrated the matter to her mother, but unfortunately, she branded it a ‘shaggy-dog-story.’

The situation fuelled the abusive acts, such that each time the mother was not around, the stepfather was raping the girl.

“He told me that I was better than mum in bed thus, he enjoyed every moment he was raping me.

However, I was not happy with the malpractice and this year, I reported the injustice to the Forum for Youth and Development (FYD) who reported the issue to Police,” she added.

Police publicist for the district, Sergeant, Ignatius Esau, confirmed the development to The Malawi Star, on Wednesday, citing that the man has already been apprehended.

He went on to confirm that the available evidence, sourced from Nkhata bay district hospital will be enough to prosecute him.

“Medical examinations conducted on the girl proved that the man has been raping her multiple times,” said Esau.

The man is expected to appear in court soon, to answer defilement charges in accordance with section 138 of the penal code-The offence attracts a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

He hails from Chindevu village, Traditional Authority, Kabunduli, in Nkhata bay district.

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