Ganja Farmer Arrested in Dowa

By: Trifonia Chagoma

A dawn swoop on Tuesday by the Malawi Police led to the arrest of a man who allegedly cultivated Indian hemp on a one and half-acre of land in the central region of Malawi.

Bulelwa in his farm
Bulelwa in his farm

The suspect has been identified as Luka Belewa 44, who lives in a mud built structure in Msakambewa village with his five children.

The police found quantities of dried leaves suspected to be Indian hemp, which was packed ready for sale.

The arrest was part of a special exercise of the Drug Law Enforcement to stop Indian hemp cultivation and selling in the country.

It is reported that Belewa is among the major suppliers of Indian hemp to dealers and users in the commercial city of Lilongwe.

According to Dowa police publicist Richard Kaponda, armed policemen invaded the farm after a tip-off from concerned villagers who also managed to identify the farm to police.

“The police went to the garden and managed to uproot an area of about half an acre and the suspect was arrested. He will appear in court very soon. Despite being under arrest, the man still looked adamant.” stated Kaponda.

The suspect hails from Mtengowopota Village, Traditional Authority, Msakambewa in Dowa.







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  1. Amulakwira kwambiri. Alibe money ya fertilizer anasakha mbeu yosavuta kusamala. In fact samaitanira munthu kuti azamugure komanso sakakamiza munthu kuti asute. If the demand is high he also grow more. Muzimanga omwe amasuta. Naye asiya

  2. Mmm mtulutsen munthuyo pls, zkusowa zochita kod? Pezan contract yokhonza miseu kt mukamatigwira zizigwirizana. Miseu yodukaduka mmbali monse, koma kukalimbana ndiwagalimoto ma tyre. Misewo yoola mmbali kukanika kupatukananso kumatigwiranso??

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