Kalindo, Wandale Separate over Lhomwe State

By: Trifonia Chagoma

Barely few days after Traditional Chiefs from Thyolo and Mulanje districts disowned Leader of People’s Land Organisation (PLO) Vincent Wandale, a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Parliamentarian for Mulanje Central, Bon Kalindo has labeled Wandale as a disorderly person.


Wandale part ways with Kalindo
Wandale part ways with Kalindo

Kalindon has further announced his withdrawal of Mulanje people from any partnership with the organization headed by Wandale.


Recently Wandale has been making headlines calling for the two tea growing districts Mulanje and Thyolo to become a sovereign state over land wrangles.

In an interview with The Malawi Star, Kalindo said people of Mulanje they have decided to disassociate themselves from Wandale’s group describing it as a political movement with ill motives.

Kalindo has branded his long time land campaigner as someone who is an outcast and bringing confusion for calling on the two tea growing districts Mulanje and Thyolo to become a sovereign state.

Explained kalindo in an interview “Wandale has lost direction and I have pulled off from the campaingn. I am no longer working with him from now onwards.”

Recently he blamed the Malawi Government under President Peter Mutharika for failure to resolve the long-standing land wrangles between communities and tea estate owners.

“We are seeking declaration of the two districts to be a standalone state-nation after the lapse of a 90 day ultimatum which he gave to president Mutharika,” said Wandale

Kalindo blamed Wandale for being unrealistic citing he has no power or authority to give the president a 90 day ultimatum.

“It’s very disrespectful and rude to give the whole president an ultimatum.  It seems he is doing this for personal gains, “said Kalindo.

Efforts to hear from Wandale proved futile as we went to the press.

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