Bloodshed in Mzimba as DPP Cadets Exchange Knives

By: Thula Chisamba

At the apex of another political drama, there was bloodshed at Kafulufulu area in Mzimba district, where Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets fought a battle of panga knives, The Malawi Star can report.

Mutharika Chilima cadet exchange Knives
Mutharika, Chilima cadet exchange Knives

This publication can establish that amid the pandemonium, about five people sustained grave wounds and were not rushed to the hospital, due to long distance.

Some party top officials confided to this publication that the chaos erupted after Mzimba district governor; Edward Gondwe pronounced his resignation from the post.

“Gondwe succumbed to pressure from some party top officials who warned him that he must resign or get assassinated,” said Amos Soko, Njuyu area chairman.

It is believed that among the alleged assassins, include former People’s Party (PP) diehard, Ackim Mwanza, who joined DPP recently.

“Those who tussled were the two rival camps-one for Mwanza and the others were for Gondwe who has resigned,” added Soko.

In a separate interview, Gondwe hinted that the pressure he got from Mwanza was bearable, and resigned for safety.

He said, Mwanza, joined DPP to attain the highest position for his own political gains, thus he is geared even to kill someone impeding him.

“Dying because of Politics is something i will never do. I have a family to look after, Mwanza must attain the post,” said Gondwe.

Nevertheless, Mwanza brushed aside such accusations, citing, he has nothing to do with the post of Mzimba district governor.

“Fabricated allegations, i don’t have any intention to kill anyone for political reasons,” he said.

Further follow-up indicates that DPP sympathizers have already hired, John Nyirenda, as a new district governor, replacing Gondwe.

In an interview on Saturday, Nyirenda confirmed the appointment with promises to bring tranquility to the party.

“I will make sure these wrangles are over and nobody disturbs our mighty party-DPP is a party for matured people thus i will not condone any violence,” said Nyirenda.


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  1. I always disagree with point that politics is a dirty game but I would want to make my point clear,,, as a malawian am tired of politians who dont know there motive behind bieng chosen as representatives, instead of fighting to make a better malawi for all of us, your busy securing the best to yourselves, and playing some hide and seek amongst yourselves,,, my plea is that whether you dpp, udf, pp, mcp, afford, or whatever it is you are called, come down your appetite for power and focus on helping us, the real picture of malawi,, not you,,, because most of you ndinu a chuma kale,,, nde it seems you dont want the money to trickle down to the poor

  2. m’matchen peter ngati akupangaza mpwesa asaone ngat ali ku ndata ,ndi DPP yakeyo machenda ake akungo phetsa mtundu wa amalawi.fotseki wawa zunza anthu ndi njala pano akumka nama wa vulazanso ndi kachipani kakeko achoke akuona ngati ali paufumu waku thyolo eti andi samaletu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”””!

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