Paramount Lundu Accuses ILLOVO of stealing Land

By:  Chikondi Magalasi

The heat in the lower Shire was surpassed by the rhetoric uttered at a political rally organized by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as one of the Chiefs in the Lower shire area, Paramount Chief Lundu has accused Malawi Police Service of helping Vendors to buy maize in Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) depots.

Lundu accuses the company
Lundu accuses the company

Speaking at a political rally at Nchalo ground in Chikwawa district on Friday afternoon, Chief Lundu said some of the Police officers are helping Vendors at the ADMARC depots to buy cheap maize.

“I am speaking without fear, Some Police Officers are helping Vendors to buy maize at ADMARC, they board into their cars in order to assist them,” said Lundu.

He advised other Chiefs to help each other in order to protect People with albinism in the Country who are living in fear these days as some heartless criminals have been attacking them for wrongly believing that their body parts can be used to bring good luck.

“My fellow Chiefs lets join hands in order to help people with albinism from being attacked,” added Lundu.

Lundu was quoted saying ILLOVO Company is stealing peoples’ lands in the district where it is extending its Sugarcane plantations.

“There is no way someone can order us to vacate from our forefathers lands, we want to find you at the State House to tell you what ILLOVO company is doing here,” claimed Lundu.

Lundu further advised the government to continue constructing tarmac roads, bridges, and Health Centers in order to help people in the area have access to essential goods and services.


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