Baby Killed in Marine Accident


By: Thula Chisamba

Two people have been confirmed dead while other three, are still missing, after a boat they were sailing in, capsized in South Rukulu river in Mzimba district.

boat capsize; (getty image)
boat capsize; (getty image)

The two-a mother and her baby were found floating near Mbalachanda area but the other three are still missing.

Onlookers confided to this publication that the owner of the boat Justice Mhango is among the missing sailors.

Police officer for Mbalachanda, Constable Boston Jumbe who confirmed the tragedy, declined to comment further citing investigations to establish the cause, were underway.

“We are searching for the missing people and after that is done, we will come back to you,” said Jumbe.

Separate findings show that, owing to heavy rains that have been characterizing the district, sailing through Rukulu River is riskier due to flooding.

Postmortem results conducted at Mzimba hospital indicates that the deceased succumbed to suffocation.



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