Bingu Memorial Betrays Peter

By: Thula Chisamba
Some Malawians in Mzuzu have described the memorial ceremony of the late President Bingu Wa Mutharika as a betrayal to his brother Peter Mutharika-current Malawi leader.

Mutharika blamed
Mutharika blamed

Bingu is eulogized Africa-wide, on his efforts in making Malawi food secured-Unlike his young brother Peter, who seem to be staggering in eradicating the looming hunger which is currently rocking the country.

In random interviews this publication conducted across the city on Tuesday, Malawians minced no words but proclaimed that Peter is not performing as expected by the entire citizenry-particularly on food security.

“Because Bingu succeeded in a war against hunger, we thought replacing him with his brother would maintain the trend but now we feel betrayed by our hopes in him,” said Yeluzgani Mgemezulu.

Mercy Nthala echoed the sentiments while urging President Mutharika to utilize Bingu’s memorial and mirror on how he can adopt strategies his brother had on food security.

On his part, History lecturer with Mzuzu University, Chrispine Mphande urged Peter Mutharika to borrow a leaf from his late brother on how he managed to make Malawi a food secured country.

Radio Tigawane news editor, Augustine Chawanangwa Thole suggested that Bingu memorial services deserve to be conducted nation- wide as regards to his achievements which includes food security.

“Malawians will remember him in many ways thus his memorial services must be a nation- wide,” said Thole.

On the other hand, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) publicist, Francis Kasaila, declined to shed more light on the memorial services on grounds that the Mutharika family is yet to say anything on the matter.

“I will come back to you once they confirm the move to me but currently, I am not clued up on any development in relation to that,” said Kasaila.

Bingu Wa Mutharika is believed to have died between 5th and 6th April 2012 after succumbing to cardiac arrest.

He died barely some months after celebrating his 78th birthday.

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  1. To say that lazy people they just point finger to president for nothing, we re totaly mistaking. A Nation its just the same like a family you are in. It s not all members of this family they can manage to stand on theirown. They needs a sprt. To go deeper in politic, these they are right with their procleimings.

  2. Tikanena kuti anthu amanja lende amango loza chala purezidenti pa zilizonse, ndiye kuti tikula kwitsa kwambiri. Dziko lili chimodzi2 ngati banja limene inu muliro. Si anthu onse a m banjamo angakwanitse kuchizinthu modziimira paokha amafuna kuchilikizidwa. Amene akung ung udzawo akulondora.

  3. whn there is enough man dont think but during scarcity…. alimi pano ayamba kugulitsa chimanga chammunda…vendor akukolola yekha….then here who is fooling who?? a president ndi amene akugulitsa or mlimi yekha?….sometimes we have poverty in out thinking….pause”

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