PP Top Official Quits

By: Happy Arnold Soko

Opposition Peoples Party leadership has hinted that it sees no serious threat emanating from members who have left the party.

Caesar Fatch: Parting ways with PP
Caesar Fatch: Parting ways with PP

Former ruling party publicity secretary Ken Msonda claimed that neither those quitting or blasting the party will make it seize from its existence. The remarks follow Tuesday’s resignation of its Member Caesar Fatch who has withdrawn from active politics.

Speaking in a phone interview with The Malawi Star on Wednesday, Msonda insisted that PP is more farsighted political force and it does realize that the public recognizes its existence.

Explained Msonda, “PP is the party that practices intra-party democracy; those leaving the party are neither breaking any law nor committing any sin. It is their Constitutional Right, freedom of association.

Suffice to say departure of any party member is regrettable but we are not worried. PP has a membership of more than 2 million in Malawi.  In a democratic set up, people leave or join a party, religion, organisation or media grouping.”

He added that unlike other parties, PP commands the first largest faction of Malawians and one member quitting does not stop it from being influential.

Msonda: NoThreats - No problem - We are Democratic
Msonda: NoThreats – No problem – We are Democratic

According to Msonda, its senior Members are increasingly toughening their anti-government rhetoric.

Reacting to the endangered future of the party, Msonda cited, “There is no problem; this shows that in Malawi people only recognizes PP and have much interest on it. Other parties are dead and anything that has happened in their party is not publicized.  There are a lot of things happening but people cannot know because they are fully dead.

PP members are alive and active no wonder everyday you hear stories concerning the party; parties you don’t hear anything about is an indication that their members are dead or inactive, once their members resurrect from the dead you shall also hear them talking.”

Meanwhile, Fatch has uttered that he has withdrawn from active politics to concentrate in his personal businesses.

During party’s convention ahead of 2014 Tripartite Election,  Fatch dramatically withdrew his candidacy to challenge Joyce Banda.

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  1. Mr Nsonda, Pliz don’t cheat Yourself here; There’s a very serious threat to this. Remember politics is a game of numbers, So if just one member left, don’t count One but rather Ten or more. Pliz Note, Malawian politics is quite different to American’s in the sense that Most Members Joins Parties with their Whole house & Relatives ( Wife, children and all who depends on Him/her. If he/she moves, the whole group moves unlike in the USA; If I am A Democrats, My Wife and Relatives Can be The Republicans! Pliz Find Ways Of Rebuilding The Party B4 it is Too Late. Mukachedwa Muzabwereza Nyimbo Iyi Yakuti, ” A DPP Atibera Chisankho,” Onani Ndakuwuziranitu tsikulo Lisanafike!!!!

  2. Apolitician is aperson who never appreciate good things from other people he is like family members whose marriage has just ended after spending many years togeter when you ask them the cause instead of appreciating the good part of their affair and blame the divorce they always say aagh that one is afool iwas just staying with him or her to just passby time he or she is not aperson to suit me,he or she wets the beddings all the time,and u come to ask urself that aagh all these years why he or she come to realise today?thats the true sign of failing to appreciate that is what mr Msonda is trying to fool us here but it happens in all parties here in malawi it is their disease anyway we know that when you lost one member you reach the extent of sleeping with empty stomach kkkkkkk

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