Chande, Bullets Hearing Shifted to Tuesday

By: Andrew Cane Chilapondwa

The contract saga involving Jafali Chande and Big Bullets has taken another twist, with the player presenting his own copy of a contract to Football Association of Malawi (FAM) on Tuesday which is showing that it expired on 13th February 2016, contrary to what Bullets officials submitted on Monday afternoon to the same association.

Copy of a Contract presented by Bullets
Copy of a Contract presented by Bullets

The player ditched the people’s team for rival Mighty Wanderers just days before the closure of a local transfer market by Super League of Malawi (Sulom).

Bullets officials presented a copy of a contract to the FA indicating that the player has a running contract which expires in August next year. Chande then denied being tied to such a long-term contract with the Super League champions, challenging them that he will put them to shame by presenting his original copy of the said contract.

And on Tuesday afternoon, FAM received another copy of a contract from the player himself which is valid for one and a half-year from 14thAugust 2014 to 13th February 2016.

The FA’s General Secretary Suzgo Nyirenda confirmed the development saying the inter-party hearing will take place on Tuesday next week and has since asked the involved parties to bring evidence from which a decision will be made.

“We have received copies of contracts from both parties and we have since asked them to bring evidence next Tuesday. Failure to do so will see us handing the issue over to the disciplinary committee,” said Nyirenda.

Chande’s contract indicates that the player demanded K1 million signing on fee from Bullets but was given K500 thousand. By then, Bullets was under the leadership of Kondi Msungama who was removed from office by angry supporters in 2015.

When contacted, Msungama hinted that the player had indeed signed a two-year deal with the club.

“When I came into office, I made sure that the team was strong. I brought different quality players and Chande was amongst them. He demanded a million Kwacha from us as a signing on fee but it was too much since we had no sponsors by then. We gave him half the amount he was demanding and signed a two-year deal.”

“Don’t get me wrong here, I can’t remember the exact date but he signed a two-year deal with the club. Now I am hearing that Bullets officials have found a copy of the player’s contract, I can’t comment much since we left the office in a controversial way. As you can remember very well, the office was invaded by angry supporters who displaced everything including player’s contracts so I don’t want to comment much but it’s not a very good development at all,” he said.

The player has made it clear that his heart is at Mighty Wanderers where he signed a pre-contract some weeks ago.


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  1. 1..,,Ngat contract inatha 15 February..then Noma imafuna kugula miyezi yotsala iti?pot contract inali itatha… 2..,,Chande zot contract yake ndi NBB itha August anazitenga kuti? 3….,,Ngat contract inali itatha pa 15 February 2016,amasaina Pre-contract bwanji ndi Noma?osasain contract coz analibe team.

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