Mutharika Fires Viola

President Peter Mutharika has booted out from state house his presidential spokesperson ,Gerald Viola with immediate effect from 4th April 2016

According to state house official , speaking to local media the decision to fire Viola has been always there but it was yet known
where he should be osisted as he has a running contract with a Malawi government

According to the source , Viola now as been posted to ministry of information as Technical Advisor replacing his predecessor at
statehouse Fredrick Ndala who has been posted to Ministry of Trade and Industry to help champion the buy Malawi program which was launched by the president two weeks ago

Mutharika has so far fired three spokespersons since he ascended to the office of president in 2014 after he fired Ndala who was seen more
technical and not am Alwinton political guy and his number two Timpuza Mwansambo was also booted out and sent back to Malawi Broadcasting Cooperation (MBC) after it was found that he was pocketing two salaries from the state house and another one from his former employees Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

Several names have since come out expected to replace Viola with Gracian Tukula Bright Molande as leading candidates and Other names
include Gideon Munthali, Mzati Nkolokosa

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