Jafali Chande in Trouble as Saga Continues

Bullets submit a contract to FAM...

By: Andrew Cane Chilapondwa

Things are turning from bad to worse for Jafali Chande who signed a pre-contract with Mighty Wanderers from cross-town rivals Big Bullets some weeks ago.

Chande (R): Centre of controversy
Chande (R): Saga Continues

According to the latest information on the issue, Bullets have submitted his signed copy of the contract to Football Association of Malawi (FAM) which is showing that the player has a running deal with the Super League champions ‘till August next year.

This contradicts earlier responses from Bullets who said Chande was remaining with five months on his current deal, therefore, stopping him from joining Wanderers till his contract expires with the People’s team.

Things reached a boiling point when FAM threatened to clear the player if Bullets fail to show the association a copy of the player’s contract.

Hours later, the story changed its tune as the League Champions submitted the signed copy of the contract to the FA on Monday afternoon.

According to the document, Chande is believed to have signed a three-year deal in 2014 which will end in August 2017.

This means the player is on a contract with Bullets ‘till next year and if he wishes to join Wanderers, he must be bought from his current deal.

But when contacted, the player denied having such a long-term contract with the club and has vowed to submit his document to the FA when the two parties are called for a hearing.

The document is showing signatures of former Bullets’ General Secretary and Chande’s affirming to the legal contract between him and the club.

Earlier in the day, Bullets Deputy Head of Finance George Ndindi threatened FAM that their failure to produce the player’s contract will not go down well with the club.

However, The Malawi Star can reveal that Chande, Super League of Malawi and FAM have no copies of the said contract and if the player fails to show his signed copy, a possible ban for him for improper conduct is likely to follow.

If Chande is to be registered at FAM under the club licensing, both parties must meet before Wednesday this week as the association will close registering players for the new season on the day.

The player joined Bullets from EPAC FC in 2014 and was part of the team’s back to back league success. Wanderers are yet to comment on the latest development but the saga is far from over.

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  1. Inu a BB why forcing the boy to play for you yet he doesn’t want? Why cant you emmulate good example from Liverpool fc for releasing Rahim Sterling to play for Man City though they wanted him most? Should we say you want him for good will or ruining his future? Be civilised please.

  2. Tizingonamizanapo apa, chifukwa tsiku likamatha tikumamva nkhani ya chilendo yokhuza contract ya Chande, choncho tingodikira chigamulo kuchokera ku FAM/SULOM basi.Mulimonse Mulimonsemo NOMA 2016 kumwa wa mkaka basi.

  3. Adzikuchinyilani mutenge league.Amamenyatu team zabwino chifukwa chake amachinya amampatsa timakeke a sweet achina Nong’a kuchiteam choolachoo akuti chandalama kama chosathampira.Munyanafe chaka chino hakuna matata or kuti nonte problemaaaah.Mauleee more fire wankaka timwansooooh

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