Uladi Blames Mutharika for country’s Bad Luck

By: Happy Arnold Soko

Opposition Peoples Party (PP) Acting President Uladi Musa has blamed the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader Peter Mutharika for the current country’s problems citing it’s a bad luck masterminded by the government.

part of patronage at the rally
part of patronage at the rally

Musa made the remarks on Sunday  during a political rally in Blantyre at Makheta primary school ground.

While Mutharika has been in the office for two years, the fiscal collapse that has occurred on Wall Street at the head of his presidency has participated sharp decline in consumer attitudes about the economy.

He Stated, “The president who has no problem cannot rule the country. Most Malawians have questions that only God has the answer. As PP we are calling for love and peace. We are all Malawians and, therefore, tribalism is not allowed. We are suffering because of tribalism, I urge Malawians to wake up.

Musa blamed the government failure to invest in dry season harvest. He said government ignorant has lead to persistent hunger that is affecting many Malawians.

Musa blames Mutharika
Musa blames Mutharika

“On hunger issue PP has solutions to it, firstly government should allocate enough fund to massive irrigation. Malawi as a country can’t survive without donors, it still need donor funding for its operation. We still need donor aid, and this can be achieved by the president approach in coaxing foreign donors.” explained Musa.

Musa described government idea of pumped money into account number one from Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) to blackmail International Monetary Fund (IMF) as uncalled-for.

According to PP vice president Malawi under the leadership of Mutharika, has suffered from droughts, floods, economic crisis and xenophobic attack on its citizens living in South Africa.

He continued to lay heavy blame on Mutharika for current economic problems throughout his presidency.

He said the situation has diverted the attention of Mutharika from other country issues to its consistent nation top problem.

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