Mob Justice Worries Youth Body

By Lackson Kanyoza

Youth advocates in Malawi have expressed worry and concern over the increase of mobjustice incidences in the country.

Mob kill and burns a suspected thief in Chinyonga
Mob kill and burns a suspected thief in Chinyonga

This follows recent reports that angry people on Wednesday morning broke into Kabwazi police unit in Dedza and killed a suspect whom they accused had killed their relative in a robbery attack.

This comes barely days when angry residents in Chinyonga Township burnt to death two men for being suspected to have stolen a handbag and two smart phones.

It is also reported that unknown man was beaten to death by angry mob yesterday in Balaka after he was found in a house with an intention to steal.

However, Youth Initiative for Community Development  (YICOD) has condemned the killings and described the incidences as uncalled for and asked the people to desist from  the conduct.

In an interview with The Malawi star, YICOD Executive Director, Andrew Bwanali says people are doing this because they do not rely on the justice system.

“I believe some of the people who are involved in this act are Youths, We are very concerned taking to account that the mob justice in Malawi is increasing instead of going down. We are still encouraging people to take good approach but it seems people are not listening since most people do not relay on justice system,” said Bwanali.

He further said “it will not be easy to end mob justice maybe with the introduction of the national peace architecture and make sure that young people have a critical role in the peace building process. There should be enhanced, collaborative leadership by government, communities and other relevant stakeholders,” he said.

Bwanali then recommended a massive sensitization campaign on the negative consequences of mob justice saying it can help contain the situation in the country. He also advised law practitioners to resolve cases fairly in order for the public to have trust in them.

Meanwhile, National police spokesperson Nicolas Gondwa said “Those are some of the isolated incidents within the police premises. But people should not worry saying Malawi police have loopholes or it’s porous. The police management have not sit down to let this malpractices go as it is now, we will still sensitive people on the dangers of taking the laws into their hands and we will be investigating the incidents and those involved would face the law,” said Gondwa.

In three recent incidents of mob justice, 11 people have been killed and a courthouse has been burnt down.

The latest incident occurred on March 1 in Nsanje where a mob pounced on seven men accused of possessing human bones for witchcraft.


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