Spirit Liquor Back at MK 100

By: Thula Chisamba

The Malawi Star has established that in Mzuzu, underage boozers are still able to access spirit liquor at an affordable but illicit price of MK100.

MBS officials destroying the product
MBS officials destroying the product

It is believed that some drinking joints in the city and beyond are still selling spirits at such a restricted cost barely some weeks after the government implemented a ban on the product.

In a spot check conducted on Saturday, our team established that pub owners are still enjoying an impressive patronage as before because tanagers can now afford spirits at only MWK100.

A 5-liter bottle is split into a volume of 10 ml making and sold at an affordable price.

The publication further established that liquor is mostly consumed by children under the age of 18 with most of them addicted to cannabis.

The development has worried local government authorities in the city who described the situation as a setback to the development of Malawi.

“I am not sure of the future we are making for our country- Malawi, with such drug addictions. It worries me each time I come across little children drinking beer and smoking Chamba,” said David Chirwa who is a leader of Kachere Block.

He further urged authorities to implement strict bylaws against the malpractice.

“Government should implementing harsh punishments on every pub owner found selling liquor to children,” he added.

On the part, Sergeant Maurice Chapola of Malawi Police Service promised an investigation on the matter.

However, he went on to urge pub owners to be responsible and help the government to eradicate underage boozing.

“We understand that pub owners are responsible people and we expect them to comply enough and help the government to end the habit of underage drinking,” said Chapola.

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