Malawi joins T5 in Defending Tobacco Production

By: Thula Chisamba

The Malawi government through Tobacco Control Commission (TCC), has joined a queue of five African countries which are against suggestions by World Health Organization (WHO) to eliminate tobacco production.

Green Gold: Fight to continue production
Green Gold: Malawi fights to continue production

In confirming the development, deputy chief executive officer for TCC, David Luke said, the suggestion by WHO is unreasonable thus needs to be protested.

“Tobacco is not only meant for smoking thus suggesting to have it abolished is unjustifiable and needs to be revisited,” said Luke.

As if that was not enough, Luke went on to confess that Malawi has joined the movement as regards the economical impact tobacco has to the country.

Historically, the product has been contributing about 60 percent of the country’s economy. In line with this, most people christened it ‘green gold.’

“It’s the hub of our economy thus we can’t blindly follow the majority in advocating the abolishment of the product. We will fight against the suggestion together with the other five countries,” added Luke.

However, the World Health Organization is insistent of the move to have the product abolished.

According to Documents seen by this publication, WHO assumes that Tobacco is hazardous to health thus needs to be eliminated.

“It results into numerous health problems including Lung cancer thus must be abolished,” reads part of the document.

On the other hand, the organization is also advocating for the abolishment of passive smoking-on grounds that it has numerous health risks as well.

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