Apostle Chaponda Cautions Malawians

By: Chikondi Magalasi

Apostle Willy Chaponda of Mustard Seed Church has warned Malawians that some of the problems that this Country is facing are not coming because they were supposed to come but are occurring due to the evil that people are practicing.

APM: Compared to king Hezekiah
APM: Compared to king Hezekiah

Preaching to the gathering at mid night of an overnight prayers at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre on Friday night, He asked Malawians to believe in misconceptions about people with albinism but rather they should work hard.

“Instead of working hard, some of these other misfortunes are coming due to senseless killing of people with albinism,” said Chaponda.

He further warned people about some prophets who he claimed are doing bad things in this Country but he was quick to say that he would not state the names of these Prophets.

“Do you want evil deeds of Prophets to spoil our Country? We are not going to mention their names here but let’s make sure that these things should not happen,” added the Mustard Seed Church leader.

Ndovie:  Compared APM to king Hezekiah
Ndovie: Compared APM to king Hezekiah

On his part, Living Waters International Church Leader and Founder, Apostle Stanley Ndovie, commended President Peter Mutharika for attending the ceremony.

Ndovie told the Malawi Leader that it is not an easy thing for the President to be present at such a function and hence he referred Mutharika as being the same as King Hezekiah in the Bible.

“Your excellency it is not simple, what you have done is like King Hezekiah and I want to tell you that no one shall defeat you,” quoted Ndovie.

The prayers which were organised by Living Waters International Church, tackled a number of issues such as Corruption and Gay Marriages among others.

However, some concerned Malawians are asking why the organizers did not extend their invitations to the opposition parties.

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