Theatre for Change Zeal to end Discrimination

By: Eric Nantchengwa

The Theatre for Change has ganged up on promoting and improving the sexual reproductive health of marginalized and vulnerable groups.

Malawi primary teachers trained
Malawi primary teachers trained

The organization works with various Teachers Training Colleges-TTC in their projects in the country on promoting such issues.

From Tuesday-Wednesday this week, the organization has organized a workshop where they engaged six Teachers Training Colleges in assessing and sharing experiences on the progress of their activities in improving
sexual health.

The organisation was founded in 2007 and has registered great improvements in improving and promoting sexual health towards
marginalized and vulnerable groups hence their programme has promoted confidence and improved interaction among such groups.

According to Theatre For a Change Tiphudzitsane Project Officer, Simon Chirwa, the Organisation trains students in ITC who later train
pupils in primary schools when they go for their internships.

”we first train the students in the TTC’s so that when they have gone for their practicals in various schools they should also teach pupils on the impact of improving and promoting sexual health of the marginalized groups and our training and activities have registered tremendous improvement  on these issues the inception of the organisation” he said.

He said their sessions have a great impact in improving the standard of education in the country since it deals with discouraging discrimination towards marginalized and vulnerable groups in school.



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