Mutharika Politicizes Night of Prayer

By: Happy Arnold Soko

What should have been called a religious gathering to heal the country from socio-economic bondage has turned into another political ceremony for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

This is a sabotage; Msonda
This is  sabotage; Msonda

The prayers which will see the clergy calling for God’s intervention on peace, political instability and social woes have sidelined the involvement of opposition political parties.

The Malawi Star has established that the staged night of prayers is meant to sabotage the recent National Day of Prayers which was held at Bingu International Conference Center (BICC).

The development has not gone well with former ruling People’s Party (PP). In his remarks, the party’s Publicity Secretary, Ken Msonda said the night of prayers have been organized in bad faith and bad intentions or motives. He further added that a few months ago, religious leaders organized a national day of prayer and there is no need of conducting the night of prayers.

“Why conduct the night of prayers now? Is it to counter the BICC national day of prayer? History has it that DPP administration is specialized to counter events; July 20 demonstration, DPP-organized its own demos; Civil Society Organization (CSO) demonstration, DPP came up with a fake CSO. We are not surprised; this night of prayer to counter BICC prayers. We are not attending but we wish all those taking part God’s blessings,” he said in a phone interview.

According to Msonda some respected servants of God have been involved in organizing this night of prayers innocently without knowing the DPP agenda. The motive of these prayers is counter BICC national day of prayers after realizing that the leadership goofed big time for castigating servants of God and Catholic

The prayers have been organized by Pastor Stanley Ndovie of Living Waters Church (LWC) and Madalitso Mbewe of Calvary Family Church (CFC).

A spot check by The Malawi Star has established that DPP has decorated the Masauko Chipembere High Way in party colours.



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