Students Loan Board tracking MWK1.7 billion

By Thula Chisamba

The Malawi Higher Education Students Loan Board has asked for mutual aid at a time when it is tracing about MWK1.7 billion from its former beneficiaries.

Chisoni: Loans need to be repaid
Chisoni: Loans need to be repaid

According to the Board Leader, Chris Chisoni, it has been a challenging task tracking such people because most of them are not complying with the protocols.

However, he said this time, a different system has been implemented thus, there is hope that the loans will be refunded.

“We are consulting with human resource managers and employees in different companies so that we manage to trace the beneficiaries so that we have the loans paid,” said Chisoni.

“We want the loan to help other new students thus we urge them to humble themselves and pay back the loan,” added Chisoni.

Meanwhile, the board has urged all former beneficiaries to embrace the art of patriotism and pay back the loan through the board’s bank accounts.

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