John Chilembwe ON Software

By Thula Chisamba

As another way of honoring one of Malawi’s freedom fighters, the late John Chilembwe, a 22-year-old Kelvin Nkhata has pioneered a software in his (John Chilembwe) name.

Chilembwe: New software named in his honour
Chilembwe: New software named in his honour

The software which is structured as a media player, allow users to watch videos and play audios.

In an exclusive interview, the software designer said he hatched the innovative idea after realizing that he was capable of doing so.

“That’s when I began outlining it until today when I can stand with my head high, roaring to the world that indeed Malawi has got talent,” said Nkhata.

However, he urged the general public to help uplift his zeal of flying the Malawian flag in the technological world.

“Only their support will mean something to me and others who got determination to make Malawi known worldwide with such innovations,” he added.

When pressed on how he intends to benefit from the software, Nkhata declined to shed more light citing it was too early to comment about profits.

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