Man caught defiling a 10 Year old girl in Nkhata bay

By Thula Chisamba

Pandemonium descended at Kachere village in Nkhata bay district on Monday, when a 22-year-old Patrick Kamwanja, was caught defiling a ten-year-old girl in his house.

Witnesses told our reporter that on the fateful day, the girl’s parents sent their daughter to wash some plates in Lake Malawi.

Cases of defilement on the rise
Cases of defilement on the rise

“After she was done with the chore, she decided to visit her brother’s house before returning home.

While at her brother’s house, Jonah-friend to Kamwanja came and informed her that Kamwanja wanted to see her,” said the witness.

The little girl complied and went to Kamwanja’s house where abruptly, Kamwanja forced her to sleep with him.

After he was done, he warned the girl to keep what happened as their top secret citing he had some rewards for her.

“But the girl then told her mother about the story who thereafter reported the matter to Police who arrested Kamwanja,” added the witness.

Police publicist for the area, Ignatius Esau, who confirmed the incident, highlighted that the suspect has since been charged with defilement offence after medics at Saint Peters hospital proved he indeed defiled the girl.

“He will appear in court soon, to answer defilement charges in accordance with section 138 of the penal code-an offence which attracts a maximum penalty of Life imprisonment,” said Esau.

Related cases are becoming rampant in the district owing to what others associate with ritualism.

Both the victim and the suspect, hails from Kachere village, T/A Mkumpha in the district.


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