AFORD Introduces Membership Party Cards

By: Chikondi Magalasi

…Chihana faults MCP

As it was the case about 25 years ago in history of Malawi where people were required to have party cards, the situation will be re-introduced again but starting in a one party, The Malawi Star has learnt.

Chihana: Aford members will be registered
Chihana: Aford members will be registered

Members of opposition party, Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) will soon start buying party cards to be recognized as party diehard members.

According to AFORD President Enock Chihana, the money raised in from the registration process will be used to run the daily affairs of the party. The system of issuing cards to its members will also help the party to recognize its bonafide citizens.

“This is so helpful since the party cards will help the party through its members to source funds,” said Chihana.

However, Chihana was quick to fault Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which also had the same system during its 31 years for forcing people to buy the party cards.

Meanwhile, Chihana has disclosed that the idea has been welcomed by its officials and the party has already printed the cards.

“We have already printed about 10,000 cards and each card has been pegged at K100.00 and our party officials have welcomed the idea,” disclosed Chihana.

The situation was once implement under MCP rule of Late Kamuzu Banda rule where every Malawian was forced to buy party card.


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