Government urged to Fire Civil Servants

By: Happy Arnold Soko

As a pre-requisite to laying a foundation for a strong, resilient economy and serious implementation of public sector reforms, the Malawi government has been urged to fire some civil servants in the country.

Kachaje: goevernment should trim civil servant
Kachaje: government should trim civil servants

Speaking during the 2016/2017 pre-budget consultation, Economic Association of Malawi (ECAMA) president Henry Kachaje said the government should trim down the wage bill from from 35 to 25 percent. He said the public sector reform can identify areas where government is still keeping the services that can be ably be done by private sectors.

He hinted that some sectors are still part of government and do not add much value any longer making them just a waste of resources. He added that these should be subcontracted to private sector and communities for productivity.

ECAMA president said the government cannot implement public sector reforms without risking people losing their jobs.

“So yes I think if we were to prescribe to reality, a third of the current civil service may become redundant if reforms are indeed implemented in full. What must be done is that government must seriously implement the public sector reforms. We have talked about these reforms but I don’t think that the government has actually put enough emphasis in the review and implementation of the same.

I think the reforms can identify areas where we are still keeping services that can be ably be done by private sectors. There are sectors that are still part of government and not adding much value to it any longer. These are the types that can be subcontracted to private sector and the community.” Said Kachaje.

According to a statement by International Monetary Fund (IMF) the wage bill in Malawi is quoted at 35 percent.


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