Grace Chinga Unfinished Album Goes Viral

By: Lackson Kanyoza

It may sound untrue but that’s reality. Just a few days after her death, it has been revealed that Grace Chinga’s new album which was yet to be released has gone viral as people have started selling the pirated copy of the album.

Chinga's unreleased copy
Chinga’s unreleased album on the market

Even though the producer behind Chinga’s album, Khathwa Alagizi of the Alimosi Studios in Chilobwe, assured the public that the album has maximum security over piracy, The Malawi Star has discovered people listening to tracks from the new album.

According to Lucius Banda, who posted the following update on his Facebook page, someone is behind the whole scene.

“She left this album unreleased. She left three young children. We gathered in huge multitude claiming we loved her. Today someone is selling a pirated copy of the album, and we are buying it. Do we know what we want in life amalawi?,” reads the post.

Chinga died before releasing her new album, but her death fuels demand as people were eager to listen to the new tracks on the album.

She only released ‘Ndzaulula,’  a single which was recorded by Chinga’s son Steve Spesho and was the title of the album.

A lot of people who are commenting on Banda’s page expressed their concerns following the news.

Angella Mkasauka Msambati said “very bad amalawi chinakula ndiumbuli basi,coz munthu o pita ku school sangapange zimenezo.

Elliot Williams Chapola says “Malawi will never come all right -when we meet our musicians in the street we start teasing them a celeb olira kuyiwala kuti ndife tomwe tikuwalowesa pansi by buying this fake music eish shame my poor Malawi”.

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