DPP Official sex Scandal takes another Twist

By: Thula Chisamba

Dust snubs to settle on a sex humiliation in which Happy Kumwenda, was caught  pants down, with a married woman at Katoto Lodge in Mzuzu.

Kumwenda: once beaten twice shy
Kumwenda: once beaten twice shy

Kumwenda who until the scandal was serving as a northern region treasurer for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), was caught red handed with a spouse to George Mkandawire, Milliam.

Witnesses told The Malawi Star that Kumwenda, was in a secret love affair with Milliam for close to four years, courtesy of his wealth.

Others went on to claim that the DPP top official had also the tendency of dating some secondary school girls across Mzuzu and beyond.

But in another twist of findings, a different woman (name withheld) has confided with The Malawi Star that she is pregnant having had an affair with Kumwenda.

The woman who is a member of a Seventh day adventist at Mchengautuba congregation, told our reporter that Kumwenda is promiscuous and has been dating a lot of women whom she also knows.

“They shot him because he was caught with another married woman who stays at SOS residential area.

It wasn’t strange to hear he was again caught with another woman. If Men are indeed dogs then Kumwenda is the evidence,” said the woman.

In reacting to such scandals, the DPP has suspended Kumwenda from his post and investigations are underway to establish supplementary information, party officials have said.

Ecklen Kudontoni, the party’s Secretary General confided with The Malawi Star on Tuesday that Kumwenda is no longer holding his post until investigations are done.

“We are conducting our internal investigations thus he has been suspended from his post,” he said.

Kumwenda’s habit is said to have brought shame into the DPP family, as most Malawians began associating his misconduct with the ruling party.

His house wife also confirmed being humiliated with the conducts of her spouse whom she described as ‘ an unsatisfied person.’

Despite several attempts to hear his version of the story, Kumwenda could not pick up our calls as we went to press.


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