DPP Labeled Terrorist

By: Happy Arnold Soko


Mzuzu tragedy raises fear

There is a mixed reaction to the Mzuzu tragedy involving opposition political parties that took place over the weekend as the truth of matter still remains mysterious.

Msonda: i am not surprised with DPP
Msonda: I am not surprised with DPP

The waste scenario to have occurred in after a decade targeted the joint alliance by Malawi Congress Party (MCP), People Party (PP) and Alliance for Democracy (AFORD)

Just after the catastrophe, Opposition MCP leader  Lazarus Chakwera told the gathering that the attack was masterminded by the ruling DPP. His remarks followed the failure by the Malawi Police Service to provide adequate security before and after the attack.

When engaged, Peoples Party (PP) publicity secretary Ken Msonda vividly told The Malawi Star that DPP took a role in the attack. Msonda said that he has no doubts that the ruling party mobilized the thugs to kill the opposition members.

“It is unfortunate that in this new era of multiparty democracy DPP as a ruling party can stoop so low and throw our hard earned democracy to the dogs, mobilize thugs and seriously injure opposition members. In Malawi, the governing DPP is specialized in beating, killing and torching of properties or people who constructively criticize the regime.

“DPP leadership is geared to destroy our hard fought democracy. PP is not going to be intimidated by DPP’s undemocratic line of thinking,” explained Msonda.

Msonda further blamed the Malawi Police service and called for an immediate reform.

Speaking with this publication, Lilongwe based political analyst Laudon Malingamoyo Phiri blamed the attack saying it’s disastrous to the political landscape of the country.

Phiri: the attack is disastrous
Phiri: the attack is disastrous

He blamed the police for failing to provide required security to the opposition party. According to Phiri, the police were supposed to provide security and their failure leaves a lot to be desired.

“When the party is organizing a rally, they seek help from the police. The absence of the police shows that the ruling party was involved. But we need to be very carefully in making conclusions. We don’t know anything as of now since police were not there and they have no clue to what might have happened or who sponsored the attack.  But there absence makes everyone conclude that they knew that something like this will happen and that is why people are concluding that DPP  is the master minder,” he explained.

However, Former PP regional governor who was expelled from the party, Christopher Mzomera Ngwira , said the PP is not against the MCP and Aford holding such meetings, but the inclusion of PP.
“There is no agreement between MCP, PP and Aford that we should be holding joint meetings as opposition political parties,” said Ngwira.

The PP supporters apparently targeted Kamlepo Kalua although MCP strongly suspects this was engineered by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party calculated at inflicting physical harm on Chakwera.

Apart from injuring three people before the meeting started, the armed political thugs also stripped everyone they met who was clad in opposition MCP, PP and Aford colors.

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  1. Ken Nsonda Said and I quate, “Munthu Sagenda Mu Mtengo Mopanda Zipatso!” Otsutsa Boma Nthawi Zonse Kuloza Chala DPP ngakhale vuto ndi Iwo Eni. Munthu Sugenda Mu Mtengodi Mulibe Zipatso. Konzani Mavuto Muli Naowo Musataye Nthawi Ndi DPP. A Malawi Sazakuvoterani Chifukwa Cholimbana Ndi DPP koma Mfundo Zanu Zabwino!

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