Sixteen years Old Boy Impregnates own Mother

By: Happy Arnold Soko

Shocking revelations by The Malawi Star have established how a sixteen year old boy from Traditional Authority Kunthembwe in Blantyre impregnated his own mother.

During a visit to the area of Village Headman Vundula, this publication engaged the grandparents of the little boy who were deeply saddened

Khembo: implicates grandson
Khembo: implicates grandson

by the issue. In a twenty two minute recorded interview  with Reuben Khembo cited the tougher side of life his daughter Jean Khembo has had.

After being struck by cerebral Malarial on 2nd May 1975, Jean became paralyzed and her whole body parts became un-functional.  From the day of her sickness she was unconscious for 9 days.

But there is a different story to tell because this 47 year old disabled woman, is going through extra pains after discovering that she was impregnated by her own son without her knowledge.

In an interview Mr khembo said Jean was impregnated by her son who has been always the right hand person in helping her. Khembo who has no words to hide on the matter heavily criticized his grandson for the intolerable behavior.

He explained in an interview, “She got sick in 1975, 2nd May from celebral malaria. We took her to the hospital at Queen Elizabeth Central Hopsital and she was unconscious for 9 solid days. From there she became paralyzed.

“She has been sick for 44 years; she can’t do anything on her own. She can’t eat on her own. She has always been assisted by the boy.  We started noticing some changes in December 2015. At first we thought she was having some health complications.

In black; believed to have impregnated Jean
In black; believed to have impregnated Jean

After giving her some medication,  nothing changed and we discovered some changes with her stomach. On 28th December, we visited Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where we were told that she was 6 months pregnant,” said Khembo.

After some serious interrogation, the boy revealed that he slept with his mother. But he was first to say that it was the power of the devil that used him.

However Parents of Diabled Children Association  of Malawi (PODCAM) Executive Director, Mirriam Namanja, expressed some doubts that Jean was impregnated by the sixteen year old boy. She said her organization is seeking medical solution so that the real truth of the matter is established.

She indicated to this publication that she is hundred percent sure that Jean was impregnated by her father and not the boy.

“This is very shocking and the first day we saw the boy who they claim to have impregnated Jean we doubted it.  Someone as young as the age of sixteen years old cannot have courage and undress a person with this kind of disability, this is very doubtful. It needs someone with experience and has the courage to undress a person with such kind of the disability.

According to Namanja, people with disability have the right to get pregnant but not in a violated way. She has that right but she is unable to say anything out because of her disability.


Namanja; we are seeking medical solution
Namanja; we are seeking medical solution

PODCAM Director also said that impregnating her is a clear indication that she was forced and raped.


We don’t want people to take advantage of someone’s disability. They should respect the rights of each and every person.

As an organization, this is a very sad and pathetic issue. Jean has got multiple disabilities.. We are probing the issue and as advocates, we are interested to see that the truth prevails. We want to actually see who is responsible for Jean’s pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Namanja has called on Malawians to fully respect  and protect People with disabilities from any kind of abuse.

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