T/A Zingwangwa Blasts Gospel Musicians

By: Andrew Cane Chilapondwa

Tightly parked Robins Park made life very difficult for thousands of Malawians who came to pay their last respect to renowned gospel musician Grace Chinga who died on Wednesday night at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) after a short illness.

fully packed Robins Park
fully packed Robins Park

As one way of showing their love to the fallen hero, different gospel artists booked Robins Park to allow Malawians to come in their large numbers and say good bye to the singer.

However, the move was hugely criticized by Traditional Authority  Zingwangwa who openly said that it was better to consult first before making big decisions because even the bible encourages great respect to elders.

She further added that Chinga’s memorial service deserved a Stadium not a small place like Robins Park because of the multitudes who came to attend the service.

“Let me be clear with you organizers, what you did was wrong. We are the elders and it was necessary for you to involve us but not ignoring us.

“Look at this place, I almost fainted because the heat inside here is just too much. Why did you choose a small place like this one instead of a Stadium? She was loved by millions but you decided to ignore us and this is the end result,” she said.

fans outside the Hall
fans outside the Hall

And speaking on behalf of the organizing committee, Favoured Martha admitted that the place was too small for the memorial service but was quick to say it was too late to change the venue as the clock was ticking against them.

Minister of Sports and Culture Grace Obama Chiumia attended the service and described the deceased as Malawi’s finest.

“She had put our country on the map because of her special talent. Look at the multitude that came all the way to attend this service; it’s a sign that she was Malawi’s finest.

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