Malawians Shunning Condoms

By: Thula Chisamba

A recent study by The Malawi Star has unveiled that most Malawians still have a partial attitude towards using condoms during intercourse.

statistics hits high
statistics hits high

A spot check our team conducted in several health facilities across the northern region revealed that people still have misconceptions towards using the shield.

Many Malawians mistakelny believe that using condoms exposes them to various dangerous diseases including cancer.

“Condoms are not good to our health thus personally i don’t think i can use them. In fact, I do trust my spouse,” said Vinjeru Mwanza, a married man in Mzimba.

Others went on to claim that their churches regard the use of condoms as an outrage punishable by Biblical laws.

Others maintained that they can never submit to calls for the to use of condoms whenever they wish to make love to their spouses.

“It’s against our creed to use such materials thus why we can’t conform to such calls,” said Memory Banda, one of the women in Nkhatabay.

In Mzuzu city, youths expressed rejection of using condoms as well.  Esther Phiri,  told a youth caucus in Chibavi township that she feels incomplete when her partner entertains her while in a condom.

Meanwhile official documents accessed by this publication from the National Aids Commission (NAC) reveal that only 18 percent of women are presently using condoms in the country.

Men are not much better, revealing that only about 30 percent are using condoms.  The statistics are not pleasing officials from NAC who have attributed the trend to lack of sensitization campaigns.

“Some even get ashamed to ask for condoms from medics because they are not aware of dangers of unprotected sex,” said Ellah Mkamanga, NAC information officer.

Currently, NAC has expressed worry over the behaviour as it is contributing to increased number of HIV/AIDS cases.

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