Boy Admits Using Magic to Make His Mom Miscarry

By: Feston Konzani
An 8 year old boy has admitted causing his mother to miscarry through witchcraft, The Malawi Star has learned.

boys practicing witchcraft (photo file)
boys practicing witchcraft

The boy made the impromptu admission to his  grandmother barely weeks after his mother who was pregnant was rushed to a hospital in Chilomoni in Blantyre.

Sources close to the family have revealed that the boy and his playmates caused the miscarriage and that they hid ‘the meat’ somewhere in Sanjika.

Sources have also revealed how the boys were gaining a reputation of practicing witchcraft.

“One of us goes into a house through a window by turning into an ant and we wake each other up to go to Sanjika where we feast on the meat. ” The boy is alleged to have said.

“We are tired of eating the meat and we also hurt people using magic hammers” continued the boy.

When confronted by his uncle over allegations, the boy who looks younger than his age admitted that he went on to mention the names of some of the friends with whom they go for their night escapades.

He said that one of them is a mastermind behind the whole operation. He went on to say that the original idea was not to cause the miscarriage but to kill the mother completely but that he was afraid hence just caused her to miscarry so that they can use the fetus as meat.

The mastermind behind the entire operation is another young looking 8 year old who is reported to have hit his own mother, father and sister with magic hammers.

Although The Malawi Star cannot independently verify the incident, the publication has established that the alleged 3 hammered victims are indeed very ill and the sister is unable to walk.

The group is alleged to have 5 boys and a girl all of which are neighbors from Chilomoni in Blantyre.

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