Gwamba, Onesmus, Denies killing Grace Chinga

By: Andrew Cane Chilapondwa

Two well known gospel musicians, Gwamba and Onesmus, have denied any involvement in Grace Chinga’s mysterous death on Wednesday night at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH).


her death shocks the nation
her death shocks the nation

The duo was responding towards social media claims that they have a hand in Chinga’s sudden death. On Thursday, Braveheart Media Group, made a shock revelation that Gwamba and Onesmus once did a song called Grace is gone:


-I need no ur grace

-I need no fate

โ€“Its ur grace Gone

โ€“en my Rise is near

-Chisomo Chanu chikunditChinga

-Pulofiti show mi urs Gwamba

-Ill Mee Nut -am just bhobho

-Killy Grace, Koz its Gone

-redeem Sam Boww

-Take their Grace

Following this revelation, Gwamba told this publication that he had great respect for the deceased no wonder he postponed his Alleluya album launch.

“I had great respect for Grace Chinga and her death shocked me that is why I postponed my album launch in order to pay my last respect for the fallen hero,” he said.

On his part, Onesmus said he was shocked to hear reports linking him to the death of Malawi’s gifted gospel musician. “I was shocked to read all sorts of stuff on the social media but Grace’s death came as a shock to me.

May She Rest well,” he said. Braveheart Media Group claims that the artist recorded the song before joining the gospel industry sometime back.

Chinga will be buried today at HHI Cemetery but a memorial service in honor of the late musician will be held at Robins Park in the morning.

Her death shocked millions of Malawians who took to facebook in order to pay tribute to the fallen hero.

Meanwhile, Music Association of Malawi (MAM) has denied allegations that the deceased’s casket has been provided by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

The late Chinga, 38, is survived with three children.

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  1. This is zambia,am suprizd tht u malawans so called gospel artist do kill for ur rise up.God is realy awake seeing u,aunt grace might hav been pronounced dead here on earth bt in spirit he lives on a right hand of the lord jesus.we loved her coz everyone knew she was a sent frm heaven,we heared her songs coz they still leave in our heart.she was such a blessing to us.m.h.s.r.i.p.

  2. Please explain in detail not just pieces of responses.
    This story might cover more pages for it to be clear….sindikumvetsa chidule chalembedwa ndi kuyankhidwa apachi.

  3. The only problem of black people, you don’t want someone to rise to excellence. That’s why, no matter how educated you become, you remain totally adamat! Oh! My God, what a bloody society! RIP.

    • Thats true i mean very true. Just cross check the period of her death and what those being suspected have done to appease the mood and time flame donation is coming in. In short zakumida nzovuta kuzimvetsa. And that ndzaulura is it a mere song
      Pliz sum up the event and see truth behind her death

  4. She was a great talent; very rare to find a musician who got it all right by both the text and the magnificent voice.
    We her fans in Lusaka, Zambia are shocked and mourning and commit Miracle and Steve in Prayers so that they are first of all comforted by the Good Lord and then they carry on with their mum’s incomparable talent. I have bought the funeral ceremony DVD and it is playing everyday on my laptop and looking forward to her new album. MHSRIP!

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