Wizard Sentenced to Two Years IHL

By: Chikondi Magalasi

A 74-year-old Man  in Mangochi has been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment with hard labour for his admission that he is a Wizard contrary to section 6 of the Witchcraft Act.

Unwilling victims: Children as young as these are taught magic
Unwilling victims: Children as young as these are taught magic

The man has been identified as Hudson Vukuni Mkandawire  who hails from the same district.

It is reported that Mkandawire commanded one of the children whom he teaches witchcraft to kill his mother so that they could share her body’s meat  but the child did not obey forcing the accused to do the operation himself by hitting the Innocent mother with a magical hammer.

It was also presented in Court that the child’s mother has been ill of a swollen left arm since the attack.

Mkandawire pleaded guilty to the charge of practicing witchcraft and he assured the Court that the Victim would not die.

However, he asked the Court to consider him when passing sentence claiming that he would not practice these acts anymore and that he looks after and takes care of twelve children and grandchildren.

Delivering the sentence, Magistrate Augustine Mizaya, said that according to section 6 of the Witchcraft Act Chapter 7:02 of the Laws of Malawi states that any person who by his own statement or action represents himself to be a Wizard would be liable to a fine of K50,000.00 or in default face ten-year jail term.

Therefore, the court found Mkandawire guilty of the charge due to the fact that he accepted by his own statements and actions presented himself to be a Wizard and that he had the power of Witchcraft.

“It is from his facts and his presentation that he was teaching three children witchcraft. The practice is bad for the community because it brings disorder and instills fear to people,” said the Magistrate.

He then said that the Convict deserved a custodial sentence since he could be disturbing the children’s academic performances because he will be taking them on night tours. He, therefore, sentenced Mkandawire to 24 Months imprisonment with had labour (IHL).

The Convict comes from Chitedze Village in the area of Traditional Authority Makanjira in Mangochi District.

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