Mzuzu to improve sanitation at the stadium

By Thula Chisamba

Soccer extremists in the country can expect a terrific improvement regarding sanitation at Mzuzu stadium. The city council has started renovating the toilets and water taps ahead of the next super league season.

Mzuzu Stadium: Set for a facelift
Mzuzu Stadium: Set for a facelift

In the past seasons, soccer fans were exposed to poor sanitation each time they were patronizing matches at the stadium.

“We usually empty ourselves before coming into the stadium, because here, the toilets are not hygienic such that those who dare to use them, does so at their own risk,” said John Chirwa,a soccer diehard.

Some used to grumble that some water pipes were not functioning in the stadium such that even after they braved the unhygienic toilet facilities, it was impossible for them to wash their hands.

“They have a long way to go in making this place meet international or even national standards as far as sanitation is concerned because many things are not functioning,” said Bruno Mwale another soccer pundit.

Apart from the raised concerns, The Malawi Star also established some problems including dim boundaries between open, covered and VIP stands.

Even the touch line is something that the city council had to work on because it was in a very shambolic state.

“Even the main ground is not good enough to be called a playfield because the grass on there is not good at all. How I wish they could have reasoned on improving the same as well,” said James Mwase, former Nomads player.

Reacting to all the raised concerns, Mzuzu city council has embarked on a project which will see the stadium become more conducive than ever before.

“The project is expected to change the stadium such that most of the raised concerns will hopefully be addressed,” said Kadam’manja, the city’s CEO.

Kadam’manja also confirmed that the proposed development will cost about MWK20 million  and that the money has already been allocated to the project.

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