Hunger Victims to use Mob justice against ADMARC officials and vendors

By Thula Chisamba

A tense warning has been given that mob justice will be the only way to deal with vendors and corrupt officials who are compromising the unprejudiced buying and selling of maize in ADMARC depots in Mzuzu city.

Queueing: Enough is enough
Queueing: Enough is enough

The counsel was given by irate, hungry, poor Malawians in the city who have always been failing to get access to maize in ADMARC depots due to alleged misconduct by vendors and corrupt ADMARC officials.

In a random interview that The Malawi Star conducted on Monday, in about eight ADMARC depots in the city, many people emphasized their mistrust in the Malawi police citing apart from being corrupt, it can never help in eradicating the malpractices as well as corruption.

“We are the ones who know these idiots thus my take on how we can deal with them is to implement mob justice. Everyone suspected to be involved in the malpractice will be dealt with instantly because so far the police service is not operating to standards,” Said Chimango Banda, who slept at FOMCO ADMARC depot on Monday.

At Chibavi depot, Mercy Njikho echoed Banda’s sentiments citing that it is the only way of eradicating corruption in ADMARC Depots.

She assumed that the malpractice is recurring because the main actors feel secured in the refuge of fair justice which has since proven to be nurturing criminality in the country.

“Sometimes we have tangible solutions but they are impeded by what you call fair justice which cannot and has not worked on issues like corruption and other criminality. Why can’t the government allow us to be dealing with some criminals the way we know how? I still believe that mob justice is the most important and only way of delivering justice,” fumed Njikho.

It has been found out that government might be fighting a losing battle against hunger in the country because vendors and ADMARC officials seem to be in a coalition to capitalize on the food situation in the country.

Police publicist for the city Martine Bwanali maintained that Mob justice remains criminal but they will deal with anyone who is compromising fair ADMARC sells to the public.

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